6 Reasons Why Vacuuming Is Not A Replacement For Carpet Cleaning

6 Reasons Why Vacuuming Is Not A Replacement For Carpet Cleaning

It is true that carpets look amazing and give your house a beautiful impression. But taking care of these big carpets is not that easy. People think that simply using DIY methods to remove the stains and vacuuming the carpet to remove the dirt is enough to clean a carpet. But it is not true. 

Vacuuming a carpet can never be a replacement for hiring a professional to steam clean your carpet. For preserving the quality of your carpet simply cleaning it by yourself using a vacuum cleaner is not enough. There are many reasons why vacuuming is not a replacement for carpet cleaning 6 of them are mentioned below. 

  1. For The Life Of The Carpet

Although yes, it is true that vacuuming your carpet will also extend the life of your carpet but not as efficiently as professional carpet cleaning will. Professional carpet cleaning will not only prolong the lifespan of your carpet but it will also make it look as good as new.  With the help of professionals, cleaning your carpet’s fibers will also look fluff and smooth. 

  1. Prolong The Warranty Of The Carpet

The producer who sold the carpet to you offers a warranty. This carpet warranty is like any other warranty. Basically for a few years if anything happens to your carpet the manufacturer will repair it or replace it. But most warranties have a condition that the buyer has to get the carpet cleaned by professionals at least once a year. 

  1. Get Rid Of Stains

Vacuuming your carpet can remove the dirt from the top layer of it. But it can not possibly remove the stains and spots on your carpet. Services like hot water extraction and steam cleaning can remove any stain from your carpet no matter how old they are. Professional carpet cleaning also includes special spot treatments for stubborn stains. 

  1. Odour removal is not possible

Vacuuming the carpet will for sure remove the dust but what about the bad odour. With the daily wear and tear your carpet start smelling. The odour can be because of your own body oil, the cleaning product you use, your pets, etc. So just vacuuming the carpet can not remove the odour. Whereas, professionals can easily get rid of the odour as well as they can enhance the air quality of your house. 

  1. Eliminate Allergens

People who are prone to allergies or are allergic to pollen or dust can get into a lot of trouble because of a dirty carpet. A dirty carpet can trigger their allergies and make them very miserable. Vacuuming can not possibly get rid of the allergens. Removal of these allergens is only possible through professional help.

  1. Eradicate Bacterias

When you vacuum a carpet you can clean only the top layer of dust on it. But the dirt and debris which gets stuck in the deepest layer of the fiber can not be reached by a vacuum cleaner. Because of the dirt bacterias start living in your carpet. These bacterias are very infectious and can make you sick to your bones. So every once in a while professionally sanitizing your carpet is important to live a healthy life. 

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